High and low

At the Hong Kong Tea Fair yesterday, I saw this

 photo F244BD2A-810A-4785-8C73-0943378E355C.jpg

There’s a few hundred thousand USD in this cabinet here. But in case this is a bit too rich for your blood, you can get something a little more suited for the commoner among us.

 photo 8b18e19a-1a97-4f69-b49e-7f0798ab15b4.jpg

Or maybe this version is clearer?

 photo 4a5d849b-53a0-4e54-8fc6-e225de4f4167.jpg

Yes, Hello Kitty is here

 photo 6529EDD5-FAB2-49D4-8CEE-55405C6E5129.jpg

Finally, a really beautiful bug dropping tea.

 photo 97FE5A91-A570-4FFC-AF2A-8B0835462CDA_1.jpg

It’s better than the one I have – after all, what you get out of it depends on what you put in, and in this case, it’s pretty obvious the input for this tea is better than the input for the one I had. It’s very, very fragrant, with a good medicinal taste and just really sweet. Lovely stuff.


High and low — 10 Comments

  1. Oh Jesus. I have mixed feelings about that Hello Kitty compressed tea. Part of me loves it because it’s adorable, but part of me questions the quality and whether or not things like Hello Kitty making their way into a relative niche is a good thing. That said, I wouldn’t mind having a couple Hello Kitty cakes for the novelty… If only I had access.

    Coincidentally, I was actually reading one of your old 2007 posts about poopoo tea last night, so I recognized the stuff immediately.

  2. I really like reading your blog, thanks for all the great info. My husband will be doing a stop at HKG Int’l airport, he has 1 1/2 hour. Can he find me a good Gaiwan in the airport? And also some great tasting tea? If so, where? thanks in advance.

  3. I’d *love* to get some of those Hello Kitty cakes! Any idea where one could buy them? I didn’t have any luck searching online.

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