This is how you use a tetsubin

Now if only I had a setup like this. This is a sitting area for guests who are coming in to soak at the onsen and resting up before they leave. The water is kept warm all day long with a slow charcoal fire going under it. It’s nice and warming to just sit there.


This is how you use a tetsubin — 14 Comments

  1. Marshaln,

    This has nothing to do with this blog post but I’m not sure how else to contact you. I’ve been looking around for a vendor that sells some younger sheng puerh with a few years of traditional HK storage but haven’t been able to find any. Are there any vendors you know of that sell 2000-2010 teas with some traditional HK storage that someone in the US could buy from?


    • If it’s done the right way it should still be in storage – the youngest you should see is probably 5 years old or so. Anything less it hasn’t been properly done

        • Short of coming here to Hong Kong, no, I haven’t really seen anything online that comes close to what I’d consider decently stored stuff. A lot of the things available in Taiwan or the mainland are also badly done.

          • To meddle into the conversation: after moving from Hong Kong to Mexico selecting teas became problematic. How safe it is actually to buy them from TaoBao? MAy be you could recommend some vendors?

          • What is the “them” you refer to? Teas? It depends on what you’re buying. When you say “safe” do you mean safe to drink, or safe as in “I won’t get my goods”? You don’t have to worry about the latter. The former… well it depends

  2. To keep the kettle from rost just use vaseline it protects is heatproof or wallnutoil should work to. Several thin layers rub with cloth. Wallnut oil dry slowly. Good luck 🙂

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