A new pot of sorts

A new little thing came in the mail a few days ago

The owner of the pot clearly loved it very much, and used it very, very heavily

And so it took some damage over the years

But because of repeated use — it has the nicest patina I’ve seen in a while

Too bad it is broken… and has a hole in it to boot.

I’m not sure what I will do with it. I got it because it looked like really nice clay, and I wanted a reference pot — something to compare others against, and also, perhaps, something to experiment on. There are simply too many conflicting theories out there on zhuni, what it is, what it isn’t, etc. I think I now have some idea of it should be, but the variation out there makes it hard to say with certainty whether a pot is or isn’t real zhuni, especially, of course, if you only see a picture of it. In some ways, buying a broken pot might be the best bet of getting the real deal.


A new pot of sorts — 2 Comments

  1. MarshalN, thanks for sharing the pictures. Like you said before it’s really hard to see from pictures. Could you give some comments on what characteristics you sought to determine whether a pot a real genuine zhuni? I believe many people have neither so many experiences like you nor chance to hold directly the pot before buying it.


  2. I must say I cannot be 100% certain myself, but I have some ideas by now. One of the problems is that there are so many different theories out there. I am more confident in saying what is certainly not zhuni than what is certain zhuni.

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