Plane tea

Why are teas on the plane so bad?

These days they put supposedly ok coffee (Starbucks) on planes, no doubt because they get a good deal from Starbucks so that they get publicity. However, the tea they serve is so, so, so bad. On my flight from Beijing, the food tasted ok, but the tea…. my god, coming from China, you’d think the tea would at least be palatable. Nooo, they serve those lovely tea powder type thing, the ingredients of which I still haven’t figured out. What exactly are those? They’re the same thing you get from cheap Chinese restaurants in the States. At the price of a dollar a kg for the cheapest green tea out there, you’d think they can afford something like that. Apparently not.

I promptly got myself a cup of reasonable English breakfast from Peet’s as soon as I landed in SFO. Too bad I couldn’t brew my own tea.

More traveling in the next few days before I get to settle down anywhere. I have a feeling it’s more teabag teas for me… in various forms. Sigh.


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  1. No, unfortunately, it was just for a few hours.  I’m in BOS now.  If I had a little more time I could’ve at least gone into the city for some decent food, but 3.5 hours was just not enough.

  2. heck, if you’d told us, davelcorp and i might have met you at the terminal with a gaiwan and a thermos of hot water… 🙂

    (sort of like the saint bernard with the cask of brandy around his neck in the bugs bunny cartoons.)

  3. In my experience, it’s easy to get a clear plastic tea jar like the Piao-I Tea Buddy through airport security. You just hold it in front of you and unscrew it to prove it’s empty. Then you’re home free: use any tea that likes water at that sub-boiling temp they provide on a plane. Yet another way that flying resembles riding a bus these days!

  4. All this time it feels like Maliandao has become the huge tea bowl where you live in.  Outside of it you seem to gasp for fresh, um, tea.

  5. Heh, well, it’s hard to not miss a big tea market with endless variations of tea that is free or very cheap. Now I just have my own stash to rely on…

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