Home stored puerh

I had the home stored puerh from Best Tea House today. No vintage, no specific region, just puerh in the old style… aged stuff, blended together, and drunk. Sweet, smooth, aromatic, thick… everything you’d want in a puerh. It’s not a Red Label, or Blue Label, or anything near that, but it does the job, and it’s not expensive. In fact, I’d rather drink this than the Traditional Character we tasted yesterday. An aged puerh should be sweet, smooth, aromatic, thick… not coarse and thin. At least for me, that’s what matters.

Don’t drink the wrapper. Drink the tea 🙂


Home stored puerh — 4 Comments

  1. MarshalN,

    Just as a guideline, are you able to disclose how much the Best Tea House bing that you are enjoying sells for? I noticed that you proposed (on another board) that someone call BTH directly and see if they will allow mail-order. If so, then I’m of a good mind to follow up some of your recommendations from your blog.

    Thanks in advance,


  2. The best tea puerh I’m drinking is actually loose — broken bits of bings and other sundry puerh.  I think if you’re going to drink that, you might as well drink something even cheaper available from Ying Kee, although BTH will easily sell it to you.  It’s something like 12 pounds per 100g.

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