This blog got started in 2006 on Xanga as an attempt to write down what I thought about the teas I was drinking.  At that point I had been a serious tea drinker for at least six or seven years, but until then, I never really thought much about it.  I thought that by writing down my thoughts, it would help me organize my ideas about tea, and in doing so, I hoped to reach an audience who were like minded tea drinkers.

My hunch that there were a lot more tea drinkers out there in the West was right, and through this blog I have met quite a number of like-minded individuals, some of whom have become very good friends.  I hope that, if nothing else, my musings here will help you find a better tea experience – life’s too short to be drinking bad tea.

If you need to find me for some reason, you can send things to mail at (this domain name)