Garage sale

As you might know, I have a bit of a teaware problem. Keep in mind that picture is from five years ago, and only consists of teapots. Needless to say, I’ve got more stuff now.

So I moved recently, which also means that I uncovered all kinds of extra stuff that have been sitting at the back of various shelves for a few years. If it’s teaware that I haven’t touched in four years and don’t miss, then I probably don’t need them. I’ll be listing them as I find time to take pictures and hopefully they’ll find better homes where they do a bit more than just collecting dust. I’ll be adding to this page as there’s a good bit of spare teaware I should get rid of, including cups, bowls, trays, saucers, etc.

All prices are in USD and include shipping via registered international mail from Hong Kong. Paypal only please. If you buy three or more items I will take a few dollars off to reflect combined shipment (precise figures depends on what’s been bought). If you’re interested please email me at Thanks.

All measurements are to the brim, but realistically you never fill cups to the brim, for example, so real size is a bit smaller.

A pair of teacups, porcelain, decorated with some peonies. They’re from a teashop in Hong Kong. 30ml. $50 for the pair

 photo IMG_6988.jpg

 photo IMG_6989.jpg

 photo IMG_6990.jpg

This is a set of 4 cups, the glaze is slightly bluish green in colour. I think I bought these in Beijing when I lived there in 2007. 50ml. $30 for the four cups.

 photo IMG_6979.jpg

 photo IMG_6980.jpg

 photo IMG_6981.jpg



A pewter saucer. 4.5″ across. No marks. There are some tea stains and other surface wear from long term use – obviously pretty old. $15 a piece. If you want all four, $40.

 photo IMG_7159.jpg

 photo IMG_7160.jpg

The following are a bunch of tea bowls (chawan) that I have acquired somehow or another. They are of varying sizes – from standard tenmoku size to the biggest one (the green one) that is about double that. These are normally used for Japanese matcha (powdered green tea). Selling at shipping cost here at $12 a piece. If you buy more than one each additional one is $8.

 photo IMG_7517.jpg

 photo IMG_7530.jpg

 photo IMG_7531.jpg

 photo IMG_7532.jpg