Yixing inventory #15: Gongju

Yes, this is the third so far I’ve posted with the same wooden chop “gongju”. After you see enough of these you start to get a sense of the different makers’ styles. Gongju wooden stamped ones like these tend to have a thin spout relative to the body, with an angled cut at the tip of the spout, and thin handles. The lip on the lid is short. They often pour a bit slow because of the smaller spout, which may or may not be a good thing depending on your needs. 160ml.


Yixing inventory #15: Gongju — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Marshal, just a question in common: how do you use your pots? As you have strong Patina
    on all your pots, do you just pour water on your pots on a teaboat, or do you use such plates to put
    the pot on and leave them in the liquid? On some pots that I use more often, a beginning surface appears but looks more shiny, a bit more cristal. not a dark and more organic material as one would expect with pu´erh… do you know this? Greeting! Tobias

    • Sorry, didn’t see your comment until now – actually a lot of these patina I didn’t make myself, but came as I am buying old pots. If you want it really shiny, you just polish the pot a lot with a wet cloth. It’ll get shiny in no time, although I personally don’t like that look. If you want it dull, then just keep using it – it’ll eventually get aged and change to a darker colour.

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