Grandpa style in action: G20 Hangzhou

Xi Jinping showing Obama how it’s done – use the lid to push away the leaves and then sipping from the gaiwan. Apparently nobody briefed Obama on what to do with a gaiwan with green tea in it, so he put the lid down and just drank from the really awkwardly shaped cup instead. He did, however, seem to manage the “use your teeth to filter the leaves” skill pretty well. Xi would know this tea well – he was the top official in Zhejiang for a number of years.


Grandpa style in action: G20 Hangzhou — 4 Comments

  1. I wonder if it is possible to brief them before an official visit about handling every possible situation they might encounter…I somehow feel sorry for him 🙂

    • He should have waited for Xi to go first… That’s the way in unfamiliar situations, the host should show how it’s done.

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