Yixing inventory #2: Mengchen Changji

This is one of those pots with a carved line of poetry on the bottom. The seal under the handle is also “Changji” and the line roughly translates to “Fullness of fragrance within” with the two extra characters being the name Mengchen, which is often the name used for pots even though none of them are ever really made by the famous maker of the same name. Also bears the seal “shuiping” under the lid. Thin walls. 85 ml.




Yixing inventory #2: Mengchen Changji — 3 Comments

  1. Beautiful patina on this one.

    Out of curiosity, is there any reason why you don’t mention the clay type (or at least have not done so for the first two pots of your inventory)? Not important/difficult to determine with certainty/something else?

    • Note I also don’t list age. With things like clay while there are reasonable guesses, I think people put too much emphasis on which exact sub-type the clay is, especially when there are different gradations of quality within a big category, so just because something is of a certain clay type doesn’t automatically make it any better or worse than the other. Better to just leave that alone.

      • Ah yes, didn’t notice the lack of an age statement. I think that’s a very refreshing perspective, and it’s nice to see it championed by someone who obviously has a lot of quality pots.

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