Not all old tea is good

We are always told that older teas are, somehow, better. Imagine if your old tea came from here though

This is a tea display from a grocery shop not too far from my home. They sell some pretty dubious teas, not sourced from this little display, of course. Nevertheless, if you ever need convincing that storage environment matters, this is it – it’s exposed to the sun, probably really hot, and hasn’t been cleaned in decades. God forbid you end up with a cake from here.


Not all old tea is good — 6 Comments

  1. It’s really weird to tell which ones will do well, but after some four years of aging, some of the black tea I have are nice with a bonus (in body and sweetness), and most have faded into drinks I’ve should’ve drunk earlier…

    Got to watch for the obvious stuff like the tea shown above, but I think it’s important to be cognizant of separate kinds of aging, and that there are good and bad ways to do whatever path you decide. For all that so many people like humid stored cakes, there are strikingly few of them that are stored *well* and available for sale. And I think Kunming storage’s reputation will improve as merchants are less diffident about how they handle their cakes.

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