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Seems like there’s enough interest in the Curated Samples. I think in the interest of fairness, I need to institute some sort of lottery system, should demand exceed supply when I have the tea at hand.  Otherwise, it’s a “whoever saw the post first” deal and due to time zone differences, it’s deeply unfair for the parts of the world that is still sleeping, or are otherwise occupied and thus unable to write something before seats are all filled.

More on that later, when I actually have the teas ready and figured out the final pricing, etc. But my current thinking is that if demand does exceed supply, I’ll have a sort of lottery with names and the ones that come out will be the ones that get a seat, so to speak. Hope that’s all right with everyone.


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  1. Perhaps you could use a random number generator, but what’s to stop the same person from posting more than once under different names?

  2. You might also consider people giving you their priority. Of course, some people will always say “I must have this” at every possible thing, but not everybody I guess. I, for example, would like to take part in the first part of your samples, but as I’m more a puerh man rather than wulong man, I’ll gladly yield my right of buying the samples to people with more interest in wulongs. On the other hand, if not enough people are interested, I’ll be actually quite happy to try the wulongs too…

  3. i gladly second Jakub’s suggestion. i enjoy tieguanyin very much, but i would yield my spot this time as i probably have a little more experience in tieguanyin drinking than some people. but of course, if there is extra at the end, i would happily “snatch” one set. 🙂

  4. But Jakub’s idea need a road-map, like
    First we do Tie Guan Yin Roasting. Then Aged oolongs. Then Different 8582 pu-erh. So everyone can choose the round he will participate in.
    Or, you can just select each round from anyone who will post a comment.

  5. I will honestly be fine with any way you decide to go about this I like the random idea but then again as mentioned above some one can just post multiple times. But I am fine with whatever your the one doing this great thing so what ever is easiest for you. Thank you!

    • I do have ways to guard against multiple postings by the same person. It’s not foolproof against someone who’s really determined, of course, but it’s there.

      It also means that they run the risk of being allocated two or three samples. Might not be what they want.

  6. If it makes things easier, I can be your North American distributor. I think filling out customs forms is what always kills me. I can do the shipping for inside the United States and maybe Canada. (Or maybe I’ll just drink all the tea all by myself!!! Mouhahaha.)

  7. A sample of every loose traditional stored sheng in Hong kong sounds great. Then lets sample all the different yellow marks. Maybe after that we could delve into the differences between lui an from the 20’s,30’s ,and 40’s.JK

    I have often thought of asking you to pick me up some hk puerh but kinda had the feeling that you didn’t do that sort of thing. So I am really excited about this thank you for being willing to help out the uninitiated and geographically unfortunate tea drinkers. Oh maybe I missed this but when do we sign up?


  8. I was going to post in the last entry, but then saw this. A lottery seems fair to me. This is exactly the kind of thing that I would love to take part in.

  9. I’ve got the weekend off and can code up a simple lottery program to collect names and randomly draw out the participants. There are a few other ways you could go about it as well – Feel free to send me an email if you’d like some help. Jesse

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