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  1. This is how majority of Chinese workers consume tea on a daily basis. Some of them even use pickled cucumber style glassware. They carry the stuff with them and refill with water when needed.

  2. Sorry, I came here via rss, didn’t see your definition before. I wouldn’t call it gradpa style, but I do enjoy brewing it this way, not to mention the conveniance. This is how I do it:

    1. Throw leaves in glass jar/bottle
    2. Rinse with hot water (5 secs)
    3. Pour a bit of hot water again, wait 30 secs or so (leaves will start opening)
    4. Fill the bottle up with cold water
    5. Refill with cold water

    Got used to it and in my view produces superior brews than warm water soaking.

    • I’ve used this method to great success specially with dan cong. The cooler water ensures there won’t be an oversteep. I like using old well-designed whiskey bottles.

  3. It was funny to explain this post to my co-worker. He walked by then took a second glance as he noticed I was seemingly just looking at a photo of a guys butt. Then he read the title aloud looking confused before I could explain “Grandpa Style?!” Then I explained it to him, and as a non-tea-drinker I don’t know if he was more or less confused.

    • I also noticed, belatedly and long after I coined the term, that grandpa style can mean something else entirely. Oh well, things can have two meanings.

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