Remember this little fellow?


He took a bath


My repair job really isn’t so good — I need to probably re-glue the handle somehow.  The pot now returned to its original state.  The clay is quite rough, with a lot of sand in it.  It even smells sandy.  I know some people wonder why I would clean a pot that is already seasoned so well, but I have to say I enjoy the process of giving each of the pots its patina myself — it’s part of the process of raising a pot and making it my own (and in a sick way, so is the process of damaging them).  So, all my pots, when they arrive, take baths, eventually before I start using them.

I also cleaned another fellow




This pot has a very fine clay — almost the direct opposite of the first one, and has a very nice shine already even after cleaning.  The only problem is it doesn’t pour so well, and is prone to slow pours.  Oh well, nobody is perfect.


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        • Just regular bleach – Clorox or store brand, no scent, of course. Yes, it’s quite safe. Bleach washes away easily and if you feel uneasy, you can soak it in regular water after washing.

          It gets rids of all kinds of nasty smells.

          • Thank you. I will definitely try to clean up my old teapot which I almost gave up beacuse of smell and taste.

  1. Now this is interesting.
    I’ve been thinking about new and seasoned clay-pots, I would like to do comparative tests. Of course, it’s difficult, one would need two identical pots, use only one of them for a long time, and then do a comparison. But if it’s really possible to effectively clean a clay pot, which is something I’ve never considered, test would be much easier. Well, thus far I’ve been more than happy with glass pots, I feel like tasting the tea instead of the pot. I don’t have much experience with clay pots, so it’s easy for me to defend glass!

  2. I must admit I liked the pot before the cleaning more than afterwards. If it would have been my teapot I would have just washed it out with boiling water a couple of times and then used it. Anyway you did a nice job to get it that new looking again despite my personal liking 😉

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