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  1. Hi, i happened to read this particular blog. Why do you think this is not a yixing zisha clay? I think i have stumbled upon one , its so smooth unlike other clay i have touched. And on the inside its also so smooth, no sign of any tool mark. Shop attendant said its zisha though. I never seen baini clay and thought that was it. I was pondering on buying it right when i found your blog.

    • I don’t believe it’s Yixing clay because… well, because yixing clay has a certain sandy texture to it that is characteristic. This isn’t like that at all, and once you feel it in your hands it’s unlike anything I’ve seen from Yixing. What kind of store were you at?

  2. Yes, exactly what you said, that pot felt very different to my touch. I found it in an old teashop in singapore. The outer surface was so smooth, much smoother than silky surface of modern zhuni, only that this one was matte and felt porous to touch unlike glossy slippery zhuni. The inside was even more puzzling, no toolmark, no joint line, nothing, perfectly smooth and round, like when you look into the inside of porcelain pot. In your pics, i can still see small lumps of clays, there was no lumps in the pot. Price tag was Sing$600, not cheap by my standard. I am trying to google baini but very scarce result.

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