The power of acid

Yup…. same pot, soaked in much citric acid and after some scrubbing

Still not perfect — there are some black stuff stuck in the grooves on the inside of the pot, and it still smells a bit like a dirty old sock. However, the grim, dark matter that was stuck to much of the pot has been eliminated. I used cotton swabs to clean the inside — must’ve used at least a dozen to scrub it down, but it worked pretty well and most of it is gone.

For those who are not happy with the idea of using bleach to clean your pots, this might be a more palatable alternative. However, I think bleach is more effective at eliminating foul odors. Right now I am putting dried tea leaves in them (spent) to try to soak up some smell, but I don’t know how well that will work. I might try to soak it in tea and see what happens. If it still doesn’t work…. a bleach bath may be inevitable.

Tomorrow, I’ll post about another nasty cleaning job that I started a few months ago but stalled and have not finished. Stay tuned.


The power of acid — 5 Comments

  1. Foo dog looks happier. How long did you work at this? What does the inscription say? How about those deep etches in the art? Is that characteristic of a certain area? Very interesting posts.

  2. Eileen — scrubbing took a while — watching a movie while moving my hands, nonstop.

    Have not tried hydrogen peroxide. Have you compared its efficacy with household bleach?

    Activated charcoal might be an idea I should pursue…

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