More on this pot

Well, since people asked questions….. how about a few more pictures…. with a little cousin

Notice a few things…

1) The interior bottom of the bigger pot — it doesn’t have the grooves you find very common in modern day pots

2) The small pot’s lid has that interesting joint line

3) It’s really small


More on this pot — 2 Comments

  1. The lid was made with the clay too dry.

    It starts as 2 discs of clay. One stays flat. The second is pressed into a dome, and then joined to the flat disc which makes the lip. Then the skirt is added, and the flat disk is cut out flush to the inside of the skirt to reveal the dome. Slip is then added to hide/blend the seam between the dome and the skirt on the inside.

    The skirt is put on last, so it is the most moist, while the dome is earlier and has had more time to dry. Also handling the clay with your hands imparts heat, which also dries out the clay. In your case the slip stuck to the skirt, but not the dome. That happens if the clay is too dry, and it absorbs the water from the wet side causing the joint to fail.

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