Using a pot

This is what I’ve been doing the past few days

Is it any better than drinking with the leaves straight in the cup? I’m not so sure, actually. In some ways, having the leaves sitting in the cup actually makes it more interesting — one of the things I usually do is refill the cup before all the tea is gone, and so water mixes with the remaining (usually rather concentrated) tea. It seems to change the way the tea tastes, because when I use a pot to brew the tea and then pour it into the cup, the taste is sometimes sharper — cleaner, I guess you can say, but also less complex in a way.

I’m not entirely sure what’s better, necessarily, but it does stretch the tea out more with the pot — I can brew it for a day and half, instead of just a day. I’m burning through this aged baozhong though….


Using a pot — 10 Comments

  1. wow you guys are really stretching out the tea.

    Old chinese grandmothers would faint to know that you drank tea made with ‘overnight’ tea leaves … something about Feng (Wind). It’s a TCM thing. At least my mother would frown and nag, a little …

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