Silver kettle

I got a heating plate (you can see a corner of it in yesterday’s picture) so I can safely heat my silver kettle without running a high risk of screwing it up. I noticed that a flame will help tarnish the silver, even just a little. I decided I’d like a more even and less risky method of heating the thing.

I brewed some wet stored Vietnamese puerh today, and at first, used a tetsubin. Then, near the end, I switched to the silver kettle…. with a remarkable difference. The fact that they’re different is of course not surprising, but exactly how it’s different and what’s different is, perhaps, still a little startling when drinking it. The tea comes out much cleaner in taste, and also much sweeter. Maybe it loses a little body, but it’s definitely a different tea when using the differently prepared water.

I wonder how the Huangjingui will taste with the silver kettle. Time to experiment.


Silver kettle — 2 Comments

  1. Oh good gracious! You do sound like a tea addict now. Glad to hear you’re having fun playing, though. I’m rethinking my water situation and look for new solutions next time I’m in BJ. Your postings on the changes in the cup are interesting.

  2. You know, you are well placed to play with your water — lots of ways to prepare it. Here it’s much more constrained.

    And this blog isnt’ called a Tea Addict’s Journal for nothing

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