Weeks old tea

I went to the Tea Gallery yesterday. Among the many things that Michael, the proprietor of the Tea Gallery, has been experimenting is one scary sounding thing — drinking teas that have been brewing for weeks on end.

I think I am fairly brave sometimes when it comes to tea, but even that, initially, has me feeling rather skeptical. After all, I have tried having forgotten tea in a pot for weeks on end and ended up with nasty, white mouldy tea that smelled sickly sweet and forever screwed up the pot, so the idea of drinking stuff that have been brewing a few weeks is, to say the least, a little alarming.

Yet that’s not really what’s going on. What Michael does is basically brew the tea fresh everyday using new water (and drinking the previous day’s brew). On and on it goes. I have now tried a few teas at different “ages”… from a week to a few weeks. None are mouldy, and all of them, though light, are still drinkable and enjoyable in their own way. Mind you, I think a certain amount of proper processing and what not is probably required, but maybe it’s not as far fetched as it seems…


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  1. Hi MarshalN

    could you tell us more about this technique of drinking teas over weeks? I am curious about it but Toki’s description is (at least to me) a bit cryptic… I still do not understand how to keep the tea from one day to another (let alone how to appreciate any brews over many weeks). Many thanks.


  2. Hi MarshalN. I think it could be interesting to do a posting on “Brewing same pot for weeks” or “Detail tasting”? Using the same kind of tea and the same timing? The only thing I’ve learn from this brewing method is: Tea Quality. If the grade of the tea is not from higher grade or Older tree. The tea will done in 4-8 brews. – Toki

  3. I’m about to start a multiple-weeks session after being inspired by Toki. The tea I have in mind is the 1976 Liu-an from the Tea Gallery or the Mengku Yuanyexiang. Call 911 if you send an email and I don’t respond. 🙂

  4. Well, from what I gather, GV, basically the deal is you first brew the tea normally as you would for any sitting. Then, when you’re done, you our in hot water, and let it sit overnight. Pour out when desired, drink. Rinse. Pour hot water in again, let sit for another day, repeat.

    I think that’s how it works anyway

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