Another pot

This one some of you might remember

It’s the pot that I talked about a few months ago as having a lid and body that are different in colour. It’s funny, because over time, I think the difference has become a little less obvious. There’s still a difference in tone, and you can probably see it in the picture, but if I didn’t tell you, it might have been easily overlooked.

One of the problems with buying old teapots is that sometimes they can come poorly seasoned or unevenly done. Not seasoned is not a problem, but when it’s uneven, it can be annoying and difficult to fix. Another common problem are things like mineral deposits on a pot, which can actually be extremely hard to remove. I have another pot that has some strange patches where the surface is almost oily. I don’t know what’s going on there.

Which, I suppose, is part of the fun. Seasoning new pots can be so boring 🙂

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