After the trip to LA, now the move… I’m going to be moving somewhere east of Ohio this weekend, which means… packing up all the tea, teaware, and all other worldly belongings I have. Fun it is not.

Before I left though, I went and visited Sherab today for lunch and some tea. We ended up with a whirlwind of four teas, all drunk within about an hour and half. It’s too bad this country is so big — makes meeting tea friends a rather difficult operation.

Anyway, as I have to pack up almost everything and then go on the road, nothing much interesting will come of it — so until I’ve settled down, hopefully by the middle of next week, I’ll continue on my little break.



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  1. It was a great pleasure to receive you two at my place before you moving off Ohio. I cherish both the conversations and tea sessions we had together, and only hope the next meeting will come not longer in a short future. Hope by the time you read this comment, you’ve already settled down at your new place! I cheer with you a cup of tea out of the little new pot you saw last time — from far here! Keep in touch,

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