How to wrap a tea cake

Ok, this is by no means professional or anything, but I tried.

I guess this is self-explanatory enough. One thing I didn’t mention is that you need to make sure when you are doing the little folds, you’re doing them tightly so that they pull in all the excess paper, but not so tight that you tear the paper. Some wrappers are especially fragile and easy to tear.


How to wrap a tea cake — 10 Comments

  1. Whether it stays down or not partly depends on the paper. Once you stacked them up though, and left alone for a while, the paper will stay down. When I first opened this cake again it was solidly stuck into the hole.

  2. Thanks for posting this. I have a couple newer cakes that use very thin paper and were sealed with a sticker. This makes them very tough to unwrap without tearing the paper. Do you have any tips or tricks for open those bings?

  3. Cheers for that MarshalN, I feel a little bad about commenting on your paper folding article and only reading the wealth of tea info you provide but this is far more instant gratification.

    Shot for sticker application? You truly are living up to the tea addict claims.

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