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  1. @MarshalN – Well it is indeed an attractive look.  Also, I remember you mentioning a long time ago that you had developed some skill at re-wrapping bings.  It may be impossible to guide others toward that skill without a live demo, but if there are some pointers you can give, I for one am all ears.  

  2. Gorgeous, beautiful. I’m jealous of your collection. What’s the history of the little yellow pot at the bottom left? What do you brew within it? Is that a Zoji lurking behind? Primary colours — an inspired headline. Eileen

  3. In order to save MarshalN’s time for writing…

    1)Nahhhh, that’s not a Zoji.
    2)Small pots are desired because with teas like puerh an oolong, you drink 7-14 steeps. If you have a small enough pot, you can enjoy that all in a single session. However, if you use a big pot to drink that many steeps, you’ll die. The disadvantages are that people give you funny looks, and that you don’t get to sit back with a mug full of tea.

    MarshalN, I, like Salsero, would love to get some pointer from you on re-wrapping cakes. I have a technique that works, but leaves the wrapper ugly. Anything will help, thanks!

  4. Wesli is right, it’s not a Zoji. That’s a Braun kettle that I use for normal day to day stuff. For making tea I no longer use it.

    Small pots is the only way to make tea if you’re drinking by yourself ๐Ÿ™‚

    The yellow pot is just for fun — I don’t use it. It’s a bit too small (probably around 20-30ml in size).

    Primary colours I stole from The Economist ๐Ÿ™‚

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