Republic of Tea

I was out and about today, and on my way home, got a teabag just so I have something warm to drink while driving. The place where I went uses, like many others, Republic of Tea teabags. It brought on a bit of nostalgia. I still remember the first time I encountered RoT way back when I first got to college. My school’s bookstore sold RoT teas, and at that point, I was still a not-very-discerning drinker who mostly drank longjing and some occasional jasmine pearls. The first teapot I bought for myself is actually one of those English style RoT pots.

Over the years though, it seems like they have somewhat faded from view. They’re definitely still there, but many other companies have sprung up in the meantime, and RoT seems to not have really kept pace. Most of their new offerings, as far as I can tell anyway, are heavily flavoured stuff, or tisanes, or the extremely overpriced Chinese tea series.

I suppose it’s a good thing that so many other offerings are now available. Yet, in some ways, it’s nice when a decent cup of Earl Grey was enough to make me happy.

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