Gan’en Factory Yiwu 2005

It’s weird to be drinking young puerh again when I haven’t really done it for so long. A totally different kind of taste and sensation. It’s a change of pace from those aged oolongs that I’ve been pouring down my throat the past month or two.

This is the cake I bought through Yahoo auctions in Taiwan

Supposedly Yiwu tea made by Gan’en Factory in 2005. It’s very cheap ($12), which is chiefly the reason I took a gamble on it. It was also a way for me to get a sample (the other cake I tried a few days ago).

In comparison with the other Yiwu, this one is weaker overall. The taste is weaker, the aroma weaker, and the throatiness weaker. While it does ok in the thickness department…. the tea overall just seems a bit on the bland side.

Even the colour is lighter

It makes me think summer tea, especially after seeing the wet leaves

Big, long stems, but thin leaves… the other cake is 25% more in cost, but 125% of $12 is still only $15, hardly a high cost…

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