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Well… sorry for the lack of updates, but as you have probably gathered, I’ve been rather busy moving from place to place. Finally, I’ve arrived at where the trip is about to end — Ohio. Took us a week to get from Beijing to Ohio. After driving for about 12 hours, we’ve gotten to Mount Vernon, Ohio…. and staying at a hotel for the night, look what greeted us when we got into the room.

Yum. I can’t decide if the 100% Leaf Tea (is there tea that isn’t 100% leaf?) is better, or if I should go for the naturally decaffeinated tea (how can tea be naturally decaffeinated?). Cinnamon Apple… I know not to go there.

I decided to drink the loose wet stored puerh that I brought along. Thankfully, they at least have hot water that isn’t contaminated by coffee.


Welcome to Ohio — 8 Comments

  1. Don’t forget to add the cancer-causing power of that little pink packet! After all, the antioxidants in your tea will need something to fight against! 🙂

  2. I didn’t work up enough courage to try it, although, I DID drink a “Royal Cup” teabag, made of Pekoe and Pekoe Cut tea… yum.  It was kinda sour.

  3. I go to school in Cincinnati and there isn’t anything in the way of a tea shop unless you are looking for a ‘proper’ English teatime or bubble tea – it seems to be the general trend of the state and the midwest as a whole. Extremely uninteresting, I know.


  4. Naturally Decaffinated = Washed clean of all that irritating flavor

    100% Leaf = The producers very kindly picked all the dirt, cigarette butts, and plastic bits out of the fannings they swept off the factory floor to fill those tea bags.

    And what do you bet there’s neither real apples or cinnamon in that “herb tea”?

  5. Shocking tea. 🙂

    In Nestle’s undeserved defence, “100% leaf” usually refers to the absence of stems. Not a great claim, but there we go!



  6. Is that what it is?  Although somehow mama_jess’ explanation seems to make sense too — “no cigarette butts, guaranteed!”

    Either way…. it’s a scary thing to have on a tea bag packaging.

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