New cake

I bought a new cake today, haven’t done that for a while other than that one extra cake I sent out for tasting.

I went to Tianshan Tea City today after going to a talk by some professor.  It was held in the vicinity of the tea city, so I figured I’ll stop by there before eating dinner.

I wandered a bit, and ended up in a puerh store I’ve never really looked at before.  I unwrapped all their cakes and decided to taste the one Yiwu they had.  I think it’s good… definitely has notes that I’d recognize as old tree, although perhaps a little less powerful than I wanted.  But then I inquired about the price… and it was a very attractive price.  Too attractive, almost.  I tasted another tea, a Nannuo, and it was almost double the price of the Yiwu, yet not really quite as good, in my opinion.  So I ended up taking two of the Yiwus home.  I might go back and buy a whole tong… still giving it some thought.  There’s a possibility that this tea is not pure old tree, but has some younger stuff mixed in, but the taste is quite right — unmistakable Yiwu.

So here’s some pictures for you to look at.

The neipiao doesn’t say anything about curing cancer!!!


New cake — 7 Comments

  1. It’s a milllllllion dollars!

    Well, seriously… I don’t really want my selling activity to compromise my ability to comment on other people’s cakes freely, so my decision is not to sell. I value my freedom to talk more highly than the few bucks I’ll make from selling a cake here and there.

  2. This is a strange company. I don’t know anything about them.

    I tried searching online for more info, but couldn’t really find any. There’s a Simao Xingshunxiang, but it’s not the same. I also found two other cakes that have wrappers that look almost identical to this one, but with different company names, and the teas underneath don’t look like this one at all.

    I have no idea, basically, who these people are.

    Supposedly an 06. I think it’s a mix of spring/summer/fall leaves.

  3. Better than that sample. That sample seems a little thinner and more boring/less aftertaste than this cake.

    I will have to taste this cake again in a few days as I myself am wondering if I should buy more of it.

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