New teaware

I got some new teaware today…. since I have tea guests coming tomorrow, and I didn’t even have anything to serve them with!

I opted for the nicer looking stuff.  I could’ve bought dirt cheap cups, but they really do look nasty.  Now in contrast, my gaiwan looks awful… but oh well.  I’ll survive, for now anyway.

I also got a teapot from L

He kindly gave it to me as a gift.  He made a few dozen of them (special ordered) and gave me one for free.  I appreciate that 🙂

It’s even got his own chop on it



New teaware — 3 Comments

  1. Very nice indeed, what a generous gift. The good sentiment can definitely heighten the enjoyment of even a piece which is already pleasant.

    I actually like the gongdaobei, you know. Perhaps it’s my inner wabisabi waiting to get out…



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