Mystery tea

I went to a Xinjiang restaurant last night with some colleagues.  They already ordered when I arrived, but there was a brass teapot on the table, and in there was some tea.  There were no cups, so I poured it into a bowl to drink it.  While everybody else imbibed the Xinjiang beer they had there, I kept drinking the tea.

It was an interesting tea, if a bit of a mystery.  I didn’t know what it was.  I didn’t fish out the leaves, but the bits and pieces that made their way into my bowl indicates that they were rather dark.  The liquor, on the other hand, was a bit light.  It’s a greenish/orange/yellow colour.  The taste is bland, but slightly sweet.  No bitterness at all.  I think it’s tea, but I don’t know what kind.

I didn’t ask them what it was, and I couldn’t really figure it out.  It sort of tastes like a few years old dry stored puerh, actually, but of low quality… so there wasn’t a lot to the tea.  The sweetness seems right.  Maybe they get these teas from Xinjiang?  Maybe this is Xinjiang stored tea?  It wasn’t bad at all, the way they made it.  I should’ve really asked them what kind of tea it was.  Maybe I’ll go again and find out.


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  1. Xinjiang food…. a lot of lamb. A lot of lamb. If you go to Beijing you’ll notice there are Xinjiang restaurants everywhere. All those small kebabs that are roasted over charcoal are usually attached to a Xinjiang place, although in Beijing they’re so common that it is no longer true.

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