Khongea Assam

I sometimes get lazy, particuarly when I’m in Cambridge. Today was one of those days, and the tea I drank was an Indian red tea sent to me by Lochan Tea. I brewed it in my girlfriend’s very large teapot, English style…. basically stewing the tea in water for a few minutes.

This is what came out

The tea is full bodied, with an obvious aftertaste that coats the mouth. I liked it quite a bit, although I should do a full tasting with gaiwan and all to tell for sure. There’s a bit of roughness going into the second infusion, which I didn’t like so much. It reminded me of teas that I drink in cheap Hong Kong restaurants serving watered down teas. I think watered down Assam is probably what they used.

Looking down the cavernous teapot…

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