Lots of tea

I went tea shopping today with my girlfriend, mostly to buy stuff for somebody in Hong Kong, and to also show her around where I hang out so much. Let me not bore you with the details…. but let me show you what I bought

Yes, a lot of tea. There was also 500g of Shuixian.

Most of the puerh and all of the Shuixian is for that HK friend. I just bought myself one tong of the puerh. The tea is supposedly “Banzhang Zhengshan”.

The friend’s request was simple. She wanted a bitter and strong tea, for a cheap price. That’s not too hard to do, although it was harder than I thought. Mostly because to meet the price criteria it was not that easy, and to find a tea at the right price bracket that was bitter and strong enough was also tough. I found a cake today for 20 RMB (2.5 USD) but it was just weak. This one, however, is good enough, and still under 4 USD. So I bought a tong for myself, and 2 for the friend as requested.

There was also a bunch of teaware that we got, among which was a puerh plate — those bamboo things that you open cakes on.

During dinner, I brewed tea this way:

Using the Yiwu maocha that I got. It was nice and sweet, no bitterness despite long brewing times. You should all try it šŸ™‚

Some tea leaves


Lots of tea — 5 Comments

  1. “Just” one tong?! That would last me a hundred years, or thereabouts. šŸ™‚

    I just realised while discussing this blog in an e-mail with a friend, that this is the only blog (of any kind) that I read. A striking revelation! As the author, I thought it only fair to let you know. Keep up the good work!



  2. Lovely, lovely tea porn.  Thanks for the photos.  Finally, today, drank the Silver Dayi (and 6 other teas!).  The final one being a very interesting Dong Ding – spicy (gingerbread) notes in the dry leaves and scent of first two infusions.  No flavour of tea in the mouth, but roses and flowers and meadows afterwards.  Clean, light, complex scent. Curious.

  3. Hobbes: Awwww, what about us other tea bloggers? Nah, I got a comment from you on mine recently :]

    MarshalN: Hooray for pictures again. I’m guessing the interwebs is fixed and faster now?

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