Saturday August 26, 2006

I finally made my way to Sunsing today, as I thought I was going to do for quite a while now.

They sell lots of cakes, at prices that are not TOO expensive, but certianly not cheap. I was looking for newer cakes (can’t afford the old ones). I tried two today, both newer cakes that are their own private label. One’s a 2003, the other 2006. The 2003 one is a little weak — mild, pleasant, but not enough strength. It’s apparently a Dadugang cake, whatever that means.

The 2006 one is overwhelmingly smokey. The smoke lingers on, but I think beneath the smoke is a tea that has a lot of decent characteristics and doesn’t make you feel nasty after drinking it. I like that. The leaves are big and fat, and look quite nice. Price tag is a little high — $20 USD a cake. I’m not sure if I want to pay that much for some new tea….

I did, however, buy something — two issues of Puerh Teapot.


Saturday August 26, 2006 — 4 Comments

  1. No, too many mainlanders here who buy tea are people who go back to the mainland and resell it. They’re actually often the people who bargain the least — they can flip it around for a 3x to 4x profit.

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