Friday August 4, 2006

Two days till going back to Hong Kong. As nice as it is there, I’m leaving behind my girlfriend and two cats. 🙁

On a more tea-related, and practical, matter, is whether or not I should be bringing pots. I think I am leaving my puerh pot here, for my girlfriend’s use. I might also leave behind my Taiwan oolong pot, simply because it probably won’t see much action while I am in China. The rest, however (the TGY pot, the high fired TGY pot, and the dancong one) are going with me, I think. I can see myself drinking lots of each of those teas.

Then there’s the question of other teaware. I’ve been wanting a new fairness cup for a while now, mostly because mine’s so cheap and ugly. I can also use a nicer drinking cup, and a nicer gaiwan for my own use. As nice as it is to not have to worry about breaking your $10 gaiwan, once in a while I do want to use something better.

All this means I will be shelling out $$ for teaware once I get to Hong Kong. I really should hold out for China, where they’re all much cheaper….

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