Thursday July 13, 2006

The iced tea, I am happy to report, is a moderate success.

I made it gongfu style, using the FookmingTong qingxiang tieguanyin that I have leftover (there’s still some left). I overfilled the pot a bit, using about 1/2 leaves instead of 1/4, and then basically made infusions after infusions and dumped it into a jug. Then I put the jug into the fridge, while my girlfriend skimmed a few cups off when it was still hot.

The tea, when cold, comes out rather nicely. The floral notes are all there, and there is still that tieguanyin aftertaste that is so characteristic of that tea. It’s not as strong and not as lingering, but what do you expect…

There’s only one downside — massive caffeine overdose. Since I’m drinking it much faster than I normally would (over the course of a few minutes, rather than over an hour or two), so even after half of the iced tea, I’m really feeling it. Maybe I should water it down a little. Oh the horrors!


Thursday July 13, 2006 — 2 Comments

  1. Hope you’re feeling ok.

    Love your gongfu iced tea recipe. Maybe you can sell the rights to Coca Cola.

    Rest well, and I hope you are back to enjoying cup after cup of hot tea soon.


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