Saturday June 3, 2006

A friend from the LJ Puerh Community sent me some samples. According to what he wrote on the little bags, they are:

93 Tuocha from Hou De
99 Dual NeiFei Huanyin, from Hou De
2001 Baoyan mini-bing
99 Menghai Wild Yiwu from Hou De
90 Menghai Region mixed grade brick, maker unknown, from teamasters blog
Early 90s CNNP from Imperial Tea Court

So… lots of tasting to do! Thanks Dave 🙂

I tried the 93 Tuocha today using my gaiwan. Basically, it tastes similar to my brick that I blogged about a while ago. This tuo is supposed to be 13 years old, but doesn’t really taste like it. Instead, it’s a bit on the young side when you drink it. The rawness and greeness of the tuo is still very present, with a strong astringency and smoky (sometimes cigarette like) smell. The leaves are quite broken up as well, just like my brick.

I wonder how long it will be before this is a well aged tea?


Saturday June 3, 2006 — 5 Comments

  1. I searched high and low last night online to try to find a place that’ll sell it. The ONLY thing I found was one auction in China selling a 2003 version of it, for like $40 USD, which IMO is too high.

    Anyone know where you can buy one?

    I’m going to drink that thing probably in a day or two. Not today. Today calls for more DHP.

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