Friday June 2, 2006

I finished off the first bag of the qingxiang tieguanyin I got from Beijing today, two months after my visit. Since I had a bit more than the usual serving left in the bottle, I decided to throw it all into my pot instead of having a little leftover and then mix it with the unopened bag, of which I still have one.

The result was surprisingly good. Since I was consciously aware that there was more tea in the pot, I made sure I was brewing with shorter infusions, and the taste was better than normal. The fragrance was more intense, and the grassy flavour that sometimes was quite dominant in the early infusions was not so obvious, instead taken over by an enveloping flavour that is normal for a decent qingxiang tieguanyin. I think I am going to use a little more leaves when I brew this again!

Now I need to get rid of the rest of my teas…

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