Friday June 16, 2006

I had a dancong from my tea friend Phyll today. It is very interesting because it is much, much lighter than the usual dancong I get from the Best Tea House. Mind you, Best Tea’s stuff tend to be higher fired, and the dancongs are no exception. Phyll’s, on the other hand, are green — they look sort of like how white tea would look if the leaves are big, and they taste a little like that too. The closest in taste though is actually a good, smooth and slightly astringent young puerh. The taste profiles are very similar, with slightly more fruity notes from the dancong. The aftertaste, however, are extremely alike, and quite surprisingly so.

I have some mao cha from Hou De that are from the Nannuo mountain, and I think I’ll taste that tomorrow to see. The dancong really struck me today as tasting like a young puerh, somehow.

Maybe the puerh I’ve been drinking are all using Guangdong leaves!!!


Friday June 16, 2006 — 6 Comments

  1. You made it sound like I have some kind of an exotic dan cong on my hand!  🙂  This one was a gift from a relative — who happens to obtain stuff from Best Tea House — while she was in Guangzhou, so I don’t know which store it’s from.  I still have a good 300+ gr of it, not including the other darker dan cong I have.  I love them both!

  2. I don’t know if it’s exotic or not, to be honest, because my dancong experience is relatively limited.

    I will definitely have to explore more in this area and find out!

  3. I didn’t even know there is a Best Tea House in Guangzhou.  My relative only buys stuff from Best Tea House in HK.  Thanks for the heads up.  Marshal, remember I showed you the packaging of the 21-year-old loose pu-erh that I got from guangzhou?  It has the markings of Chan’s Tea House and Best Tea House that you couldn’t recognize…now I wonder…hmmm.

  4. Yeah, I know, I have heard something about a dud Best Tea House in Guangzhou, which is why I was a little iffy on that one.

    But if you look at that page, it clearly says they DO have a store in Guangzhou, so what’s going on?

    So messed up

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