Thursday May 11, 2006

Continuing the experiment today, I used Fiji water to make my daily qingxiang tieguanyin.

And what a brew… it came out shockingly good, for some reason. I don’t think I handled the tea particularly better than the last two days, but somehow, the tea brewed a nice, even cup, with decent body and still many of the fragrant notes that were missing in the Volvic brew. The water was slightly sweet, and over all, it was very satisfying.

An interesting thing is that on the fourth infusion, the tea again changed drastically — with that same shift that took place during the Volvic cup, except that Fiji was much better before the cup. I’m not sure what exactly the transformation is, but somehow it happens. This is definitely something I don’t get from my usual filtered tap water, and is an interesting phenomenon. I’m not sure why it happens.

Tomorrow I’m going to procure more waters… we’ll see what happens then.

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