Sunday May 21, 2006

I am revisiting my aged puerh today, after drinking some of the cakes. It is a nice change of pace, and mostly very medicinal than anything else. The raw edge is certainly off in this sample, but the spicyness and the lack of a sweet finish tells you this isn’t cooked stuff, either. The grade of the tea itself is very low — you can see in the pics, there are lots of twigs and stuff that would look terrible, but the end product is not that bad. It isn’t a great puerh — but a very drinkable, everyday kind of puerh. I think it was kept reasonably but not exceptionally well. It certainly tells you that 1) looks can be deceiving in puerh and 2) bad grade tea doesn’t make for bad grade aged puerh.


Sunday May 21, 2006 — 3 Comments

  1. Man! I need to get me some of this stuff. Sounds perfect for a Saturday night: first it will rouse me from my drunken stupor, then help me burn all the beer calories I consumed to achieve said drunken state. Magic!

  2. No no no!

    It’s not this stuff, it’s the stuff above, the round cake!

    It not only does that, it fights cancer, helps you lose weight, eases urination, and…. increases appetite!

    Wait… helps you lose weight AND increases appetite??

  3. Heh, my bad.

    I stick to my original assesement vis a vis the cake on the top. It helps lose weight AND increases appetite–sounds like a winning combination!

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