Friday May 5, 2006

Well, I have one more pot that I haven’t talked about — my nongxiang tieguanyin pot. I haven’t been using it as often, primarily because I ran out of nongxiang tieguanyin, and didn’t open a new pack for the longest time.

So here are the pics:

The words on the pot says “Able to drive away my (feeling of) heat, and able to expand my chest”. Obviously, it’s talking about tea, but unfortunately some of the words, like the word “xiong (the final word) doesn’t translate so well into English.’

The pot hasn’t been progressing as well as it could, but then again, I don’t drink nongxiang as much as the other things.

Since I decided to drink two teas today — a Taiwan oolong and the Taiwan nongxiang tieguanyin, I’m a little caffeine buzzed… ugh, shouldn’t drink two teas again. Gotta restrain myself.

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