Monday February 27, 2006

Today I tried what the Best Tea House calls “Supreme Ku Fu Oolong (Heavy)”. I think they meant Kung Fu, since in Chinese it is 重火功夫茶王 (zhonghuo gongfu chawang). What it is … is a very heavily fired oolong, brewing a very dark, strong, somewhat bitter cup of tea. The folks at the tea house recommend a 70% tea leaves brew, meaning that 70% of the vessel should be filled with dried tea leaves. I tend to think that’s a little heavy, and go with something along the lines of about 50-60%. It makes a nice, fragrant, and yet not overpowering brew. Sometimes the folks at the tea house crush the leaves at the bottom before adding the tea leaves on the top. It makes for an even stronger cup, rivaling that of espresso, but it gives a bit too much of a caffeine boost. Even though I did enjoy it I try to limit my caffeine intake to something a little more reasonable.

Speaking of which, I should perhaps say a word about Kung Fu brewing… but maybe I’ll leave that for tomorrow. It’s going to be long and it’s getting late 🙂

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